Machine Rentals

If you have taken on premises, try our machine rentals. Maybe you are unsure about the potential for machine rental sales, then our rentals may be what you are looking for.

You only need to sell 5 ice creams each day on your premises to pay for your ice cream machine rental! and, because soft ice cream is produced at a much higher temperature than industrial “scoop” product, it has a much creamier taste and can also be sold on colder days, extending your selling season, MORE PROFIT!!

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The advantages of machine rentals over purchasing a machine are numerous. You may buy the wrong machine, too big, too small, not enough flavours? No problem, with Longo & Co you just change it!

Worried about costly repair bills? It`s included in the rent, if it breaks (WE FIX IT) with our comprehensive after sales service for all our existing and new customers.

Cotton Candy Floss Machine